Kiss me, beneath the milky twilight...

Piece I did this summer for an art show. "Gatekeeper", 2009, acrylics.


Mrs. Mays

A while ago I drew these as a favor for a new friend of mine, it is for her marketing project. They were both done in less than two hours, under a lot of stress and lack of sleep. I'm actually satisfied with its sloppy results.


As promised

Heres my rough board for the one week intensive I quickly came up with:

The little girl pretty much is my little sister. Funny how I got comments on how my girl was rendered beautifully.. must be the illustrator within me :p And yes, the platypus' name is Po! Haha. He looks goofy and cute ( and high, like Rocio said).



My father's birthday was June 1st, and I decided to make him a cute little card featuring Sake, my cat. Nothing a little photoshop and openCanvas couldn't do! On the inside of the card, it says:
* Thats cat for happy birthday, Daddy!
He loved it! :D